October 21, 2016
If it seems as if Yank Barry has led three separate lives, it’s probably because he has. He spent 30 years in the music industry, where he was a lead singer for the Footprints and spent time as lead singer for the touring band, The Kingsmen, before a stellar career writing advertising jingles for some very popular brands. Then, he became a successful food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, a dehydrated soy-based meat-replacement product.

However, while he traveled the world for business, what Yank Barry saw too often set him up for a third life. He saw people living in some of the most appalling conditions imaginable and wanted to change things. That third life, a life of philanthropy began more than 20 years ago and in that time, his work with numerous charities has brought him numerous humanitarian awards, as well as three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. And it’s no wonder, if you look closely. His global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation, has provided more than one billion meals to hungry people throughout the world. That alone is remarkable. He has changed lives.